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Was I a tree in my previous life?

lucas carpinus

The other day a client told me that I deliver high standards of service for my customers. 'How come you say that?' I asked. 'Because you do to perfection whatever customers ask of you' he answered. 'That', I returned, 'has nothing to do with customer service, but with my love for wood'

Don't get me wrong: also for me customer is king, but what I am trying to say, is that customer service comes without saying when you love your profession. You don't have to dictate it to yourself.

I can polish a closet with full dedication. I can forget everything around me, when I design a new piece of furniture. Everything that involves woodworking and restoration, makes my hart beat faster and my fingers itch. With techniques, of which some excist for centuries, with materials that last a few lifetimes and with modern machines, furnitures turn out exactly the way customers want them to be.

Where that love and patience for my profession come from? It is probably the ancient relationship that humans have with trees, that surfaces within me. And it is in my genes, because my whole family is very creative.

No matter what, you are very welcome.